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Hashing Out Hashtags: A Savvy Real Estate Agent's Guide to Reach

In the perpetual rollercoaster of social media mayhem, hashtags are the secret sauce for real estate agents aiming to reach farther into the digital landscape to get more followers (and clients!). Platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok all have their quirks, demanding a hashtag strategy that's as nuanced as a fine wine selection. Buckle in tight as we navigate the wild twists and turns of hashtag mastery, to ensure your real estate game rides high on the social media rollercoaster.


Instagram: 20-30 Hashtags for a Splash of Engagement

Instagram, the land of filters and influencers, rewards the bold. Studies show that 20-30 hashtags per post are the golden ticket to boosting your reach and engagement. But wait, don't toss in any old hashtag salad! Balance is key, mix in some general ones like #RealEstate with niche tags such as #GulfCoastLuxuryHomes or #TinyCondoForSale for a customized touch. And yes, use capitalization – because nobody likes deciphering a hashtagnovel.


LinkedIn: 10 Hashtags to Keep It Classy

LinkedIn is the highbrow party of the social media world, so keep your hashtags in check – a maximum of 10, please. Stick to the professional side of the hashtag spectrum with industry-specific, brand-oriented and niche-positioning tags to maintain that polished image.


YouTube: Hashtags – Where Titles, Descriptions, and Playlists Collide

YouTube, the stage for your real estate show, demands a strategic approach. Sprinkle 2-3 hashtags in titles, go wild in descriptions, and don’t forget to toss some into playlists. Just be wary of going hashtag-crazy – over 15 and your video might as well be lost in the Bermuda Triangle of YouTube (removed).


Twitter: 2 Hashtags per Tweet – Keep It Snappy

Twitter is the fast-paced chatroom of the internet, and it likes things short and sweet. Stick to 2 relevant hashtags per tweet, keeping your real estate banter concise and engaging.


TikTok: 4-5 Hashtags for Maximum Impact

On TikTok, where dances reign supreme, use 4-5 hashtags per video. Mix it up with trending tags and your real estate niche to avoid confusing the algorithm (yes, even AI can get it wrong). Remember, TikTok is a dance floor, not a hashtag festival.


For TikTok, consider grooving to some of these generally popular hashtags (as of Nov 2023):


Facebook: 3-5 Hashtags for the Goldilocks Effect

Facebook, the OG of social media, appreciates a good balance. Not too many, not too few – 3-5 relevant hashtags will do the trick. It's like Goldilocks choosing the hashtag porridge that's just right.


Niche-Specific Hashtags: Because Generic Is So Last Season

Distinguish your real estate brand from the crowd by throwing in some niche-specific hashtags. If you don’t your posts will get lost in the social media shuffle – and that’s not a dance you want to do. Skip the generic #realestate and go for #BiloxiWaterfrontHomes or #VeteranRealEstateExpert – it's like customizing your social media suit for the perfect fit. Take the time to identify your niche and then research the best hashtags for that position.


Research: The Sherlock Holmes of Hashtags

When it comes to picking your hashtags, channel your inner detective (or call your local marketing magician). Quantitative research gives you the numbers – how often a hashtag is used. But don’t be swayed by sheer popularity; throw in some qualitative research. Spy on your ideal audience, keep tabs on competitors, and become the Sherlock Holmes of hashtags.

In conclusion, nailing the hashtag game is your ticket to reaching for even more real estate stardom. Tailor your strategy to each platform's quirks, sprinkle in some niche hashtags, and watch your online presence soar. After all, in the world of hashtags, it's not just about making noise – it's about making the right noise. Time to hashtag your way to the top!

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