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5 Ways to Use Story Brand Marketing in Social Media

Yay! You've read the books on story brand marketing! You have done the work to identify your hero, the major obstacle, the plan, the call to action, and the pain point of failure. BUT, how do you share your special story in social media? Here are 5 ideas that work.

The villain in our story is Marketing Madness. He does everything in is power to make marketing confusing, frustrating, over-priced, and overwhelming. If you're done with the madness and you want help developing a marketing strategy that works, you need a Marketing Magician.

With over 30 years' experience, Sharon Price is just the one to help you along this treacherous marketing journey. She'll help you avoid the pitfalls so you can stop Marketing Madness in his tracks.

Call or email today to schedule your FREE initial marketing strategy meeting. Haven't you given enough of your valuable time and money to the madness already?


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