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The Marketing
Magic You've Been Looking For


For entrepreneurs who are ready to go from ordinary to EXTRAordinary - more leads, more sales, more money, less worry. 

“Happy Edge Consulting has changed my life! I conquered the marketing madness and now have the freedom to focus on what I do best- selling real estate.”
C. Vella

People are always asking, “What exactly do you do?” The answer is simple: WHATEVER IT TAKES.


Years of









Increased Productivity


Happy Clients



Increased Brand Awareness (Yes!)

Wondering what that means? Advertising agencies create ads. Digital shops focus on digital.

Event planners do events. Lead generators get you leads. At HAPPY, we have the edge because

we do all of that (and more!) The difference? We only focus on helping entrepreneurs thrive (so we get it) and

our strategy-based philosophy revolves around one thing: GROWING your business. Whatever it takes.

"I feel like a superhero after working with Happy Edge Consulting. I am more confident and have already seen an increase in my profits."
A. Tinkler

The difference between WHO YOU ARE and WHO YOU WANT TO BE, is WHAT YOU DO.



That's why it’s critical to market yourself for tomorrow,

not just for today.

3D Virtual, Podcasts & Video

Photography, videos, podcasts,and 3D virtual tours, ideation, scripting, editing and analysis.


Personality development, logo & graphics, standards and brand integration strategies.

Social & Digital

Social media, digital advertising, email marketing, web design, landing pages, and analysis.

Market Research

Social media, web advertising email marketing, content creation, monitoring and metrics analysis.

Content Creation

Blog, eBooks, printed books, white pages, graphic posts, written posts, articles, video posts, reels, stories

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is at the heart of any effective marketing solution,

Marketing plans to fit any budget.

A new approach to



rule breakers, artists, mad hatters, web designers, novel writers, AI enthusiasts,

brand developers, pop-culture nerds, problem solvers, life coaches, and everything in between.


Hello :) I'm Sharon

Okay, that's not really me - it's an avatar I created to represent the marketing magician and mad hatter that I am.  I am not your run-of-the-mill marketer. I'm a SMarketeer. (That's a Smart Marketing Musketeer who will help you overcome the marketing madness!) 


Marketing can be overwhelming and frustrating! What to do? How much to spend? Who to hire? What is ROI? Oh my!  How can you create a business that thrives? (Let's go beyond mere survival!)


I'm your go-to guide for unique campaigns run on dime, social media contests that sizzle, and events that keep people talking – think city-wide virtual scavenger hunts, first-time homebuyer pizza parties, and “Life’s a Beach” retire to the coast outreach programs.


I also do branding, social media management, content creation, and advertising. As an added bonus, I’m an ace in photography, videos, and 3D virtual tours. 


With over 30 years' experience, I've done it all. From Telemarketer, to Graphic Designer, to Sales Pro, to Director of Marketing & Events to V.P. Sales & Marketing, I've produced Super Bowl commercials, trained sales teams, won contracts over $50 million, and uncovered $3 million in hidden revenue in 30 days. When the pandemic hit, I helped my clients defy the odds by boosting sales growth by 44% in just 10 months, and increasing brand awareness by a mind-boggling 1040% (yes!) while slashing expenses by 30%.


I'm also a certified life coach! I'll help you tap into your super powers, make the most of your time, make more money and find your happy path.


You Can Beat

Marketing Madness

People are bombarded with over 4000 marketing messages every single day. Messages from brands that spend millions, ad agencies that test every campaign before rolling it out, and marketers with decades of experience. 


Only 1-2% of these messages get noticed everyday. Do you think your message will rise above the noise? Not likely. 


87% of entrepreneurs fail. Why??? Here are the Top 3 reasons.  

  1. No plan (Fail to plan, plan to fail.)

  2. Under financed (It takes money to make money.)

  3. Bad marketing (aka Marketing Madness)

Marketing is a science & sales is a numbers game.

  • Depending on the business it is estimated that the average lead conversion rate is 1%.

  • The average cost per lead is $44.70 but varies wildly from as low as $5.64 to as much as $240.

  • Basically, you need 100 leads to get one sale. It’ll cost a minimum of $564 to get that sale and it could take 6-18 months to close it.

You can beat the odds!

  1. Get a guide,

  2. Make a plan.

  3. Stick to it.

  4. Track performance.

  5. Make small adjustments.


We're Ready.
Are You?

Hold tight, there's magic coming your way!

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